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About Us

Capricho Accessories is a business created by 2 university students who were looking for a way to generate extra income to increase and sustain their needs for university. At the time they did not know much about this topic of jewelry and they began to seek help from different people. Juan Pablo and Vanessa, who are the creators of this dream, invested in accessories already manufactured, in the short time they were sold they saw that these were not of the best quality and they had the idea of ​​creating unique accessories, of better quality and with more exclusive designs, this was the success of his endeavor to capture in each accessory the delicacy and trend with better quality materials such as; Brazilian goldfilled gold, natural stones, mostacilla, stainless steel, rhodium, among others.

After beginning to design and create their own accessories, the enterprise had an exponential growth, which they did not expect, for this reason they saw the need to start selling wholesale, from this they went on to have their first store in Envigado, Antioquia. . With a thousand dreams and a lot of desire to get ahead they started with a small company with 2 workers in 2015, Gianny who was the person who helped Vane with the designs was the first official worker of Accesorios Capricho and Laura who helped Vane in everything the theme of bracelets at the beginning, she joined this team to start manufacturing necklaces and earrings, during this time in which they already had their premises, they also attended entrepreneurship fairs in the municipality of Envigado, this was a very important step since that in these spaces many people knew the brand and therefore the quality of the accessories, thus the brand Accesorios Capricho became more and more known. After this, many people already approached the point of sale to make their wholesale purchases, because they said that they liked more to visit the store and thus observe the quality of the accessories. So over the years more people joined this wonderful team, for January 2019 another person joined, Oma who was only in charge of making the bracelets, the sets of bracelets that were a total hit took a little more time. and that is why only 1 of the 3 workers was in charge of carrying out this task, already at this point the enterprise was selling more wholesale and there were orders for more than 12 accessories.

At this point that all networks of whim accessories were growing in the same way as the physical point, Vane already needed help with these and for this reason Laura joined Vane to help her with the WhatsApp of wholesale sales, for this moment she felt the absence of 1 of the assemblers and another assembler Will arrived in November, at this time the small premises no longer met the needs of the team for this reason Vane and Juan Pablo are forced to expand the premises to have more space in the area of ​​the workshop, exhibition, packaging and in the place where WhatsApp and Instagram responded, after the expansion another person joined the team, Camila who was going to be in charge of helping Laura in the part of answering the wholesale orders and that wholesale orders were being dispatched in large volumes as well as retail orders. At this point we enter the Covid-19 pandemic and many people see in this venture the way to have an extra income during these months of contingency and it is the moment in which it is sold the most wholesale.

After months of isolation, our courier Juan Manuel joins the team. Thanks to the support of so many entrepreneurs, we could no longer count on external couriers that could accommodate our schedules and a large number of orders to be delivered in the city of Medellín.
Thanks to this great growth during the pandemic, more people join the team. Sandra, who was first in charge of labeling rings, earrings, bracelets, and in addition to all this, attended the public in the store, then would also respond to WhatsApp, she came to our team another assembler Valentina, Aleja who also enters the part of answering WhatsApp, Daniel arrives in charge of all the administrative and accounting issues of Accesorios Capricho. After these years full of effort and discipline on the part of Juan Pablo, Vane and their entire work team, this web page was created, which would be a tool that would facilitate the purchase process since each product has a specific description.

We only have words of thanks for each of the people who have believed in this venture, who see this dream as a way to generate income, we give each of these people great advice, no matter how big your capital is to start , the most important thing is perseverance, discipline and desire to carry out a dream, at the beginning it is not easy at all but with love and commitment everything can be achieved. We will always be willing to help you in every step you take.