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"How Accessories capricho was born as a brand"

"How Accessories capricho was born as a brand"

All this dream began 6 years ago, we started looking for how to increase and sustain our things for the university, we did not know that we were going to move with the world of accessories. We started selling a lot of things so we could find what we really wanted to focus on to help us with our expenses.  We realized that accessories were what sold the most, but not everything was rosy. These accessories were fantasy and that's when the problems began because they began to damage easily, the bracelets burst and we did not know how to assemble them since we bought them made, we began to create a need to start exploring that topic more and begin to inquire about how we could make or what materials we could use.

We had no idea how to assemble a bracelet or fix a necklace, hence we were curious about starting to make our own accessories since equally with the others we could not design them, then one day we began to buy small amounts of materials since we did not have the necessary capital, also to see if it gave us the profitability.

We began to see videos on digital platforms about how the whole assembly process was done, it should be noted that Juan Pablo was the one who made the first designs, a friend taught me to make the knots since I had no idea, then I started with us Laura and she was the one who helped us with the handles. Thanks to this we began to grow with customers, to make the brand more known to generate more sales.

I started selling in college with a small box and so they knew me "the little girl in the box" and everyone knew what I was selling, I went office by office, class by class.  I took my tools because if anyone wanted to change I said right there I changed it and customized it.

Already as time went by we began to grow, attend fairs, visit business fairs, until we saw the need to look for a physical place, at first we only thought that this place would serve us only as a workshop to continue selling as we had been doing, we also thought about looking for a place for the workshop since capricho began in my room at a desk and the space no longer gave us.

Many sleepless nights trying to dispatch all orders as quickly as possible, days without rest as we also attended college. I decided that we should separate my house on a whim so we needed a place to be able to do all the process that the brand needed.

By having the workshop, which is where we are currently located our sales began to grow much more since people generated more confidence to have a place to do their shopping, thanks to that more girls began to work with us.

After having 3 years we decided to expand the place because it was a very small place and our work team was growing, and it will continue to grow over the years.  

Do not think that the priority is to have a lot of money to get ahead, sometimes the smallest investments become giants. Remember that being consistent is the key.  

We decided the name capricho because although human beings are flirtatious, we wanted to emphasize that for us a whim is accessories.